Expert Witness & Opinions

We are able to provide expert reports and opinions on the numerous facets involved in a construction process, whether pre-contract or post-contract.
Developing a strategy to prepare a claim, defence, or future of an estate it is often better defined once an expert opinion is received and will provide a premise on which to either settle or pursue a claim and scope in detail a future strategy for an estate. Forensic examination of building fabric, mechanical and electrical elements, with recommendations by an expert, can assist in identifying defects, liability for those defects and propagate a willingness of those responsible to rectify the issues and avoid protracted disputes.

Whilst providing litigation guidance it is often crucial to consider established protocols which are expected by the courts; which importantly might necessitate pre-litigation exchange of expert opinion. Time delay analysis is also provided in the form of an expert report for ease of use in quantifying the value of a claim and submitting to a tribunal to substantiate a claim.

Expert Witness Opinion


Our expert knowledge across a wide range of construction, property and the law associated with those sectors enables us to provide a varied nature of opinion which can be useful for such as giving reassurance whilst making commercial decisions or providing evidence for use whilst negotiating.

We often experience that a concise opinion, with the best indeed being short, even in the most complex case, will focus all concerned on the issues and summarise the facts, which in the midst of other day to day matters, and the possible animosity between parties, will facilitate points of a settlement.

Expert opinions


In addition to the professional reporting across the various disciplines of construction, property and law we also provide expert witness reports, and presentation of our findings, for various tribunals.

We will submit for examination any of our findings and expert reports and are content to attend any hearing in order to fully present our report and be questioned by the tribunal and or any other experts appointed.

Expert Reports