Delay Analysis

We provide analysis of delays and entitlement for time and money claims on a range of projects, whether a nuclear power production plant, rail, road or housing construction.

In conjunction with our knowledge of contract law we are able to draft a comprehensive report to present to an employer or contractor to avoid a dispute or resolve a dispute.

Our consultants interpret construction programmes, advise on the logic of contractual programmes, utilise certain software in order to replicate the events in accordance with contractual programmes and manipulate the programmes to evidence the obliged mitigating events which should have been implemented and thereby would have benefited either party; with a combination of these skills and experience, based on the premise of a common sense approach, our findings are then presented in the form of an expert report.

Free of charge; our initial approach would be to meet to discuss the extent of all documentary evidence available, an overview of requirements for further information, including witness evidence, and from that basis formulate a strategy.