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  • Building Surveying & Valuation
    Building Surveying & Valuation

    Our firm provides structural surveys, homebuyer reports, party wall awards, condition surveys, dilapidations, defect reports and opinions and many more.

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  • Expert Witness & Opinions
    Expert Witness & Opinions

    We are able to provide expert reports and opinions on the numerous facets involved in a construction process, whether pre-contract or post-contract.

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  • Dispute Resolution
    Dispute Resolution

    In Summary, our aim is that the resolution services we provide will enable a collaborative or contentious approach.

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  • Adjudication

    Our experience in the process of managing construction adjudication has developed since the enactment of the Scheme for construction contracts in 1998 and the subsequent ‘new Scheme’ changes made in October 2011.

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  • Arbitration

    The experience within the firm is of domestic arbitration which often has followed a set of rules and procedures.

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  • Expert Determination
    Expert Determination

    Entirely confidential, it is often a feasible alternative to a more contentious process as both parties may agree to appoint us to apply our knowledge to determine a multitude of issues.

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  • Litigation

    Our firm provides drafting and associated services for the submission of evidence to the court and will then recommend the most suited advocates to provide formal presentation once a hearing is convened.

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  • Mediation

    Private and confidential, we find many clients appreciate a more structured and time led negotiation process, such as mediation which when handled by a tactful and robust mediator is very effective.

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  • Neutral Evalution
    Neutral Evalution

    Our daily contact with clients effectively is an evaluation of the facts from the outset, based upon experience, with the difference, in this process, being that both sides will access the findings of our evaluation.

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  • Project Monitoring
    Project Monitoring

    Especially valuable on high value and time crucial projects is to commission us to provide an impartial view on proposed contract documents, amendments to the contract.

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