Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

In Summary, our aim is that the resolution services we provide will enable a collaborative or contentious approach.

We manage construction claims, mainly by adjudication, and have an in-depth experience of dispute resolution mechanisms in the standard forms of contract published by the JCT, ICE, ACA, FIDIC, NEC, EEC, PPC, DOM 1, DOM 2 and GC Works.

Statutory adjudication forms a significant basis to our work which, the absence of express mechanisms within the contract, enables dispute to still be resolved whilst adhering to statutory provisions.

We have developed a forensic approach necessary to rapidly summarise the issue in a dispute and thereby decide the process of resolution most suited.

Experience of the physical construction processes and detailed workings of individuals within the design team, combined with a knowledge of practices by building contractors, linked to a comprehension of legal principles and skills interpreting law, make the commission of our firm of importance to those in immediate need of assistance, especially when served with a Notice of Adjudication or Arbitration or entering into negotiations in the forum of a mediation or agreeing to an expert evaluation.