We are proficient at providing guidance on the relevant standard forms of contract to use and suggested amendments.
Careful consideration must be given when not using a robust standard form of contract and opting to draft bespoke clauses. It is crucial to be assured on the nature of the clauses drafted and purpose so as to ensure that the contract as a whole or individual clauses are indeed enforceable.
Advice may be sought on a summary guidance basis or for detailed drafting, commonly commissioned by establishing a framework, often called a ‘call-off’, agreement due to such advice requiring only ad-hoc short periods of time.


Bespoke contracts

We will provide any bespoke building contract, short-form terms and conditions, lease terms, letters of intent, terms of appointment for a consultant and many other clauses for warranties and similar construction related matters.
Considering the nature of this service we would welcome requests of any nature and we will obviously be pleased to provide advice on the complexity of drafting such a bespoke document and if perhaps there may be a standard form more suited to the situation.

Bespoke Contract

Standard form contracts

Standard form contracts require careful selection, dependent on the scope and value of the works and when making amendments.
We provide guidance selecting the form of contract, drafting of amendments and specific interpretation of the various mechanisms available throughout the contract.
The use of a standard form, although perhaps well tested in practice, still results in disputes, for example regarding the interpretation of clauses and amendments; our experience of those commonly misinterpreted clauses often will clarify the issue and provide a solution.

Our advice will also assist in appropriate standard forms for the appointment of consultants.

Standard form Contract